• O’Brien Manufacturing

    Address: 117 Industry Road
    Marietta, Ohio 45750

    Phone: 800-752-2400

    Fax: 740-374-5447

    Email: sales@obrienmfg.com

    Website: obrienmfg.com

    Product Category: Hydrojetters, Truck Jetter, Combination Jet/Vac, Cart/Toolbox Jetters

  • Oakville Stamping & Bending

    Address: 2200 Speers Road, Unit C
    Oakville, Ontario
    Canada L6L 2X8

    Phone: 877-314-6040

    Fax: 877-827-6040

    Email: sales@osb.ca

    Website: osbplumbing.com

    Product Category: Lav Drains, Bath Wastes, Tub & Shower

  • Oasis Corporation

    Address: 222 East Campus View Blvd.
    Columbus, Ohio 43235

    Phone: 800-646-2747

    Fax: 614-322-4557

    Email: info@oasiscoolers.com

    Website: www.oasiscoolers.com

    Product Category: Bottle Coolers, Dehumidifiers, Point of Use, Water Coolers, Drinking Fountains, Filtration

  • Oasis Lifestyle, LLC

    Address: 1400 Pidco Drive
    PO Box 82
    Plymouth, IN 46563

    Phone: 574-948-0004

    Fax: 574-948-0120

    Email: Oasis.Info@oasisbath.com

    Website: www.oasisbath.com

    Product Category: Tub & Shower Stalls, Shower Bases, Assisted-Living

  • Oatey SCS

    Address: 4700 W.160th Street
    Cleveland, Ohio 44135

    Phone: 800-203-1155

    Fax: 216-267-6538

    Website: www.oatey.com

    Product Category: Residential and Commercial Plumbing Products

  • Oetiker

    Address: 6317 Euclid Street
    48453-0217 Marlette, Michigan

    Phone: 989-635-3621

    Fax: 989-635-2157

    Website: www.oetiker.co.uk

    Product Category: Clamping and Connection Solutions

  • Ohio Pipe, Valves & Fittings, Inc.

    Address: 3900 Trent Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44109

    Phone: 216-631-6000 |

    Fax: 216-631-4874

    Website: ohpipe.com

    Product Category: Pipe, Valves, Fittings

  • Olsonite Corp.

    See: Bemis Manufacturing Company

  • OmegafFex, Inc.

    Address: 451 Creamery Way
    Exton, PA 19341

    Phone: 610-524-7272

    Fax: 610-524-7282

    Website: www.omegaflexcorp.com

    Product Category: Gas Piping, Solar Flex Piping, Diesel Exhaust Fluid Piping

  • Omni Brass Inc.

    Address:127 Limestone Crescent
    Toronto, ON
    Canada M3J 2R1

    Phone: 416-650-9900

    Fax: 416-650-9901

    Email: info@omnibrass.com

    Website: www.omnibrass.com

    Product Category: Bathtub & Shower Products