• Richmond Casting Company

    Address: 1775 Rich Rd.
    PO Box 1247
    Richmond, IN. 47374

    Phone: 765-935-4090

    Fax: 765-935-2168

    Email: sales@richmondcasting.com

    Website: www.richmondcasting.com

    Product Category: Metal Casting

  • Riello Burners North America

    Address: 2165 Meadowpine Blvd.
    Mississauga, Ontario L5N 6H6

    Phone: 800-474-3556

    Fax: 855-878-6599

    Website: www.riello.ca

    Product Category: Oil and Gas Burners for Heating

  • Ritchie Engineering

    See: Yellow Jacket

  • RMG Stone Products

    Address: POB 807
    Castleton, VT 05735

    Phone: 800-585-5636

    Fax: 802-468-8968

    Email: sales@rmgstone.com

    Website: http://rmgstone.com

    Product Category: Fine Stone Products

  • Robbins Precast Inc.

    Address: 23220 Park Canyon Dr
    Corona, CA 92883

    Phone: 951-277-8888

    Fax: 951-277-8052

    Website: www.robbinsprecast.com

    Product Category: Precast Concrete Architectural Amenities and Concrete Site Furnishings

  • RobertsGordon, Inc.

    Address: 1250 William Street
    P.O. Box 44
    Buffalo, NY 14240-0044

    Phone: 800-828-7450

    Fax: 716-852-0854

    Website: www.robertsgordon.com

    Product Category: HVAC Solutions

  • Robertshaw

    Address: 1222 Hamilton Parkway
    Itasca, IL 60143

    Phone: 630-260-3400

    Product Category: Global design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

  • Rockford Sanitary Systems

    Address: 5159 28th Ave
    Rockford, IL 61109

    Phone: 815-229-5077

    Fax: 815-229-5108

    Website: www.rkfdseparators.com

    Product Category: Sanitary Systems

  • Rocky Mountain Colby Pipe Co.

    Address: 5125-B Race Ct.
    Denver, CO 80216

    Phone: 800-239-2399

    Fax: 303-296-6718

    Website: www.rmcp.com

    Product Category: ABS & PVS Pipe, Tubing

  • Roebic

    Address: ROEBIC Laboratories, Inc.
    25 Connair Road, PO Box 927
    Orange CT 06477

    Phone: 203-795-1283

    Fax: 203-795-5227

    Email: custservice@roebic.com

    Website: www.roebic.com

    Product Category: Bacterial Drain Treatments

  • Rohl, LLC

    Address: 3 Parker
    Irvine, CA 92618-1605

    Phone: 800-777-9762

    Fax: 714-557-8635

    Email: rohlinfo@rohlhome.com

    Website: rohlhome.com

    Product Category: Kitchen, Bath, Shower, Water Filtration

  • Rolled Alloys, Inc.

    Address: 25 W. Sterns Road
    Temperance, MI, 48182

    Phone: 800-521-0332

    Fax: 734-847-6917

    Email: onlinesales@rolledalloys.com

    Website: www.rolledalloys.com

    Product Category: Special Metals

  • Roma Steam Bath Co.

    Address: 10555 West Little York
    Houston, Texas 77041

    Phone: 800-657-0656

    Fax: 281-578-9945

    Website: www.romasteambath.com

    Product Category: Steam Baths

  • Romanite Building Products

    Address: Racine, WI USA

    Phone: 262-634-5246

    Website: romanite.com

    Product Category: Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops, Tub/shower Surrounds

  • Ronbow Corporation

    Address: 40650 Encyclopedia Circle
    Fremont, CA 94538

    Phone: 888-880-8318

    Fax: 510-657-9388

    Email: contact@ronbow.com

    Website: www.ronbow.com

    Product Category: Sinks, Vanity, Vanity Tops

  • Roth Industries Inc.

    Address: 268 Bellew Ave South
    Watertown, NY 13601

    Phone: 888-266-7684

    Email: info@roth-usa.com

    Website: www.roth-usa.com

    Product Category: DHW Solar and Geothermal Heat Pumps, Radiant Floor Heating and PEX-c Plumbing System, Septic, Cistern, Rainwater Collection and Oil Storage Tanks

  • Roth Pump Company

    Address: P.O. Box 4330
    Rock Island, IL 61201 U.S.A.

    Phone: 888-444-ROTH

    Fax: 309-787-5142

    Website: www.rothpump.com

    Product Category: Pumps and Pumping Systems

  • Rothenberger USA

    Address: 7130 Clinton Road
    Loves Park, IL 61111

    Phone: 800-545-7698

    Fax: 815-397-0260

    Email: customerservice@rothenberger-usa.com

    Website: www.rothenberger-usa.com

    Product Category: Plumbing Pipe Tools

  • Roy E. Hanson Jr. Mfg.

    Address: 1600 E. Washington Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90021

    Phone: 800-421-9395

    Fax: 213-747-7514

    Website: www.hansontank.com

    Product Category: Pressure Vessels, Air Receivers, Water Tanks, Propane Tanks

  • Royal Building Products

    Address: 10 Roybridge Gate
    Suite 201
    Vaughan Ontario L4H 3M8

    Phone: 800-387-2789

    Fax: 800-461-0849

    Website: www.royalbuildingproducts.com

    Product Category: Siding, Trim, Mouldings, Windows, Doors

  • Rub Inc.

    Address: 4401 Dean Lakes Blvd
    Shakopee, MN 55379-2715

    Phone: 952-857-1114

    Fax: 952-857-1118

    Email: sales@rubinc.com

    Website: www.rubinc.com

    Product Category: Valves, Actuators

  • Rubatex Corp.

    Phone: 855-347-0816

    Fax: 866-527-1983

    Email: sales@rubatexusa.com

    Website: rubatexusa.com

    Product Category: Closed Cellular Rubber

  • Rule Industries

    See: Xylem

  • Rusco Inc.

    Address: 13360 Chambord St. Bldg. B
    Brooksville, FL 34613

    Phone: 800-345-1033

    Fax: 800-918-7049

    Email: info@rusco.com

    Website: www.rusco.com

    Product Category: Water Sediment Filtration

  • Ruud

    Address: 1100 Abernathy Road
    Suite 1400
    Atlanta, GA 30328

    Website: www.ruud.com

    Product Category: Heating, Cooling, Water Heating