• Tinker & Rasor

    Address: PO Box 1667
    San Bernardino, CA 92402

    Phone: 909-890-0700

    Fax: 909-890-0736

    Email: Info@tinker-rasor.com

    Website: tinker-rasor.com

    Product Category: Corrosion Mitigation Instrumentation

  • Tioga Pipe Supply

    Address: Philadelphia Regional Center
    2450 Wheatsheaf Lane
    Philadelphia, PA 19137, USA

    Phone: 800-523-3678

    Website: www.tiogapipe.com

    Product Category: Piping

  • Titeflex Corp

    Address: 03 Hendee Street
    Springfield, MA 01104-3003

    Phone: 800-765-2525

    Fax: 413-788-7593

    Website: www.titeflex.com

    Product Category: Fluid Management

  • Tjernlund Products, Inc.

    Address: 1601 9th Street
    White Bear Lake, MN 55110-6794

    Phone: 800-255-4208

    Fax: 651-426-9547

    Email: fanmail@tjfans.com

    Website: www.tjernlund.com

    Product Category: Exhaust and Ventilation Fans

  • Toledo

    See: Curtis-Toledo, Inc.

  • Tom Kapp

    See: RectorSeal

  • Tomlinson Industries

    Address: 13700 Broadway Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44125

    Phone: 216-587-3400

    Fax: 216-587-0733

    Website: www.tomlinsonind.com

    Product Category: Faucets and Fittings for Beverage and Liquid Dispensing and Commercial Food Service Equipment

  • Top Line

    See: State Water Heaters

  • Topog-E Gasket Co.

    Address: 1224 North Utica
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74110

    Phone: 918-587-6649

    Fax: 918-587-6961

    Email: info@topog-e.com

    Website: www.topog-e.com/

    Product Category: Molded Rubber Gaskets

  • Topp Industries, Inc.

    Address: P.O. Box 420
    420 N State Rd 25
    Rochester, IN 46975-0420

    Phone: 800-354-4534

    Fax: 574-223-6106

    Email: toppindustries@toppindustries.com

    Website: www.toppindustries.com

    Product Category: Plastic Fabrication

  • Torrey S. Crane Company

    Address: 492 Summer St
    Plantsville, CT 06479

    Phone: 860-628-4778

    Website: cranesolder.com/

    Product Category: Fine Wire Solders, Solder Bars and Ingots, Foil and Ribbon Solder, Solder Alloys, Fusible Alloys, Lead Free Solders.

  • Toto USA, Inc

    Address: 1155 Southern Road
    Morrow, Georgia 30260

    Phone: 888-295-8134

    Email: custservice@totousa.com

    Website: www.totousa.com

    Product Category: Toilets

  • TouchSensor Technologies, LLC

    Address: 203 N Gables Blvd
    Wheaton, IL 60187

    Phone: 630-221-9000

    Email: connect@touchsensor.com

    Website: www.touchsensor.com

    Product Category: Innovative Human/Machine Interface and Fluid Level Solutions

  • Towle Whitney, LLC

    Address: 21 Londonderry Turnpike
    Hooksett, NH 03106

    Phone: 800-807-9827

    Fax: 603-626-7372

    Email: info@towle-whitney.com

    Website: www.towle-whitney.com

    Product Category: Booster Pumps

  • Town & Country Plastics, Inc

    Address: P.O. BOX 269
    Morganville, NJ 07751 USA

    Phone: 732-780-5300

    Fax: 732-294-0001

    Email: tandcplastics@aol.com

    Website: www.tandcplastics.net

    Product Category: Custom Engineered Tanks and Systems for Pollution Control, Storage, and Drainage

  • TradeWind Industries, Inc.

    Address: 7612 Drag Strip Road
    Fairview, TN 37062

    Phone: 615-799-8300

    Fax: 615-799-8477

    Email: info@tradewindinc.com

    Website: www.tradewindinc.com

    Product Category: Acrylic Whirlpool Baths

  • Trajet Products, Inc

    Address: 503 Railroad Avenue
    Glenwood, IA 51534

    Phone: 800-795-1812

    Fax: 712-527-4331

    Email: sales@trajet.com

    Website: www.trajet.com

    Product Category: Design, Engineer, and Manufacture the World’s Finest Whirlpool Tubs

  • Trane

    Address: Consumer Relations
    20 Corporate Woods Dr.
    Bridgeton, MO 63044

    Phone: 800-945-5884

    Website: www.trane.com

    Product Category: Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Transolid, Inc.

    Address: 400 Dietz Road
    Warren, OH 44483

    Phone: 800-766-2452

    Fax: 330-399-4426

    Website: transolid.com

    Product Category: Showers, Baths, Vanity Tops, Toilets, Lavatories, Kitchen Sinks

  • Trend Manufacturing, Inc.

    Address: 456 Nordhoff Place
    Englewood, NJ 07631

    Phone: 201-569-8733

    Fax: 201-569-8799

    Email: trendmfg@gmail.com

    Website: trend-mfg.com

    Product Category: Metal Fabrication

  • Tri-Cities Manufacturing

    Address: 801 Hwy. 43 South
    PO Box 558
    Tuscumbia, AL 35674

    Phone: 256-381-3271

    Fax: 256-381-9553

    Email: contactus@t-c-m-inc.com

    Website: t-c-m-inc.com

    Product Category: Molding, Machining, Pad Printing, Tool and Die Build, Welding, Powder Coating and Auto Painting

  • Triangle Tube

    Phone: 856-228-8881

    Fax: 856-228-3584

    Email: info@triangletube.com

    Website: www.triangletube.com

    Product Category: Stainless Steel Hot Water Heating Equipment

  • Trim To The Trade

    Address: 72-234 Corporate Way
    Thousand Palms, CA 92276

    Phone: 760-343 3306

    Fax: 760-343 3609

    Email: product@trimtothetrade.com

    Website: www.trimtothetrade.com/

    Product Category: Manufacturing and Distribution of High Quality Plumbing Trim and Accessories

  • Triple R Specialty

    Address: PO Box 60671
    Jacksonville, FL 32236

    Phone: 904-786-1826

    Fax: 904-786-0911

    Website: www.triplerspecialty.com

    Product Category: Plumbing & Fire Products Specialty Tools

  • Trojan Worldwide, Inc

    Address: 3306 Ella Blvd
    Houston, TX 77018

    Phone: 800-392-4902

    Email: info@trojanworldwide.com

    Website: www.trojanworldwide.com

    Product Category: Sewer Cleaning Equipment

  • Tru-Flex Metal Hose Corp.

    Address: 2391 S. St. Rd. 263
    P.O. Box 247
    West Lebanon, Indiana 47991

    Phone: 800-255-6291

    Email: truflex@tru-flex.com

    Website: www.tru-flex.com

    Product Category: Design and Manufacture of Stripwound Interlocked, TFL-SSS and Corrugated Flexible Metal Hose.

  • Truebro, Inc.

    See: IPS Corp

  • Tsurumi Pump

    Address: 1625 Fullerton Court
    Glendale Heights, IL 60139

    Phone: 630-793-0127

    Fax: 630-793-0146

    Email: info@tsurumiamerica.com

    Website: www.tsurumipump.com

    Product Category: Pumps, Generators

  • TT Technologies, Inc.

    Address:2020 E New York Street
    Aurora, IL 60502

    Phone: 800-533-2078

    Fax: 630-851-8299

    Email: info@tttechnologies.com

    Website: www.tttechnologies.com

    Product Category: Trenchless Technology using Pneumatic Boring Tools

  • Tube Forgings of America, Inc.

    Address: 5200 NW Front Ave
    Portland, OR 97210

    Phone: 800-426-3274

    Fax: 503-243-5301

    Website: www.tubeforgings.com

    Product Category:

    Butt welding fittings. Tees, 90°, 45°, and 3-R Elbows, Reducing Elbows, Caps, Reducers, Crosses and 180° Return Bends.

  • Tube-Line Manufacturing, Inc

    Address: 6455 Reid Woods Drive RR#4
    Elmira, ON, Canada
    N3B 2Z3

    Phone: 888-856-6613

    Fax: 519-669-5808

    Email: sales@tubeline.ca

    Website: www.tubeline.ca

    Product Category: Hay Balewrappers

  • Tubespec

    Address: 2111 Concord Road
    Belle Chasse, LA 70037

    Phone: 504-392-3600

    Fax: 504-393-1471

    Email: tubespec@bellsouth.net

    Website: www.tubespec.net

    Product Category: Pipe Tubing, Pipe Fittings

  • Tubular Specialties Mfg, Inc

    Address: 13011 South Spring Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90061, U.S.A.

    Phone: 800-225-5876

    Fax: 310-217-0653

    Email: tsm@calltsm.com

    Website: www.calltsm.com

    Product Category: Grab Bars, Washroom Accessories, Railing Systems

  • Tubular Steel, Inc.

    Address: Tubular Steel, Inc.
    1031 Executive Parkway Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63141-6351

    Phone: 314-851-9200

    Fax: 314-851-9336

    Email: info@tubularsteel.com

    Website: www.tubularsteel.com

    Product Category: Stainless Steel Bar, Pipe, & Tube

  • Turbonics, Inc.

    Address: 4001 Pearl Road
    Cleveland, Ohio 44109

    Phone: 216-741-8300

    Fax: 216-741-7768

    Website: www.turbonicsinc.com

    Product Category: Hydronic Fan Coils

  • Turbotorch
  • Tuthill Corp

    Address: 8500 S. Madison Street
    Burr Ridge, IL 60527

    Phone: 630-382-4900

    Fax: 630-382-4999

    Website: www.tuthill.com

    Product Category: Pumps, Meters, Blowers, Injection Molding

  • Twin City Hose

    Address: 20615 Commerce Blvd.
    Rogers, MN 55374

    Phone: 800-670-9475

    Fax: 763-428-5111

    Email: sales@twincityhose.com

    Website: www.twincityhose.com

    Product Category: Flexible Metal Hose Fabrication

  • Tyco International, Ltd

    Address: Princeton, New Jersey

    Phone: 609-720-4200

    Website: www.tyco.com

    Product Category: Global Fire Protection and Security Solutions

  • Tyler Pipe & Coupling

    Address: 11910 County Road 492
    Tyler, TX 75706

    Phone: 800-527-8478

    Fax: 800.248.9537

    Email: info@tylerpipe.com

    Website: www.tylerpipe.com

    Product Category: Pipe, Couplings